Our restaurant in Strandbad Lido feeds hungry people with various delicacies. The generous facility invites you to linger.

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This year, the lido is managed by tenant Barbara Henggeler and manager Erwin Blattmann.

The majority of time Luzia Henggeler is on maternity leave.

Luzia Henggeler is a trained cook and has been working in her profession for a good nine years. Most recently in the Adelheid clinic in Unterägeri.

Erwin Blattmann worked as a baker for 9½ years. This also in Unterägeri at the Zumbach bakery.

Barbara Henggeler has also been fully employed in the company since 2018. From the beginning she worked part-time in the Badi. Barbara is a trained cook and farmer with a specialist certificate. Most recently, she worked as a cook in the Mülimatt senior center in Oberwil near Zug.


Update June 2020

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Strandbad Lido Unterägeri
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